VotersforMotors’ aim is to protect and promote freedom of choice in personal mobility.

‘We have the right to choose how we travel, as long as those choices are socially and environmentally responsible. To remove this choice from the citizen removes a basic freedom, and we will work together with all interested parties and individuals to defend choice in personal transport.’

Campaigning on:

  • Choice in Personal Transport, including private cars.
  • Reducing vehicle emissions via technology, not taxes and bans.
  • Reminding politicians that there are 37 million drivers out of an electorate of 46 million people.
  • Countering the use of unreliable statistics derived from flawed air pollution epidemiology for attacking motorised transport.
  • Opposing the early ban of new petrol, diesel and hybrid cars/vans – Future power sources for cars, vans etc should be dictated by free market forces, not targets and picking technology losers.
  • A proper debate and cost:benefit analysis of the UK policy of Net Zero CO2 by 2050, with the UK’s less than 1% contribution to global man-made CO2.
  • Transport and Home Heating cannot be electrified simultaneously as the government intends, local and national grids will need to be upgraded. EVs can’t therefore replace ICE vehicles, so private car use/ownership will have to be severely restricted or banned.

ABD - The Independent Voice for Drivers

The Alliance of British Drivers is a voluntary organisation promoting the interests and concerns of Britain’s drivers.

Meet Our Team

Brian Gregory

Brian graduated in Natural Sciences at St. Catherine's College, Oxford. Having failed RAF fast-jet pilot training in 1976, (his one great regret), he subsequently studied for, and gained, an M.A. in Business Studies at Edinburgh University. Has worked in a variety of sales and marketing roles in the titanium pigment industry, he is a life-long Liverpool FC supporter.

Brian MacDowall

Brian is a campaigner who liaises with outside bodies, coordinating regional and national campaigns. He is a long time Tottenham Hotspur fan!

Ian Taylor

Previous experience includes careers in British Gas, banking, local government and the pharmaceutical industry. Founder shareholder in a local radio station & a voice briefly heard on Radio Caroline. Active supporter of the Taxpayers Alliance, the Freedom Association, Freedom 2 Choose and the Global Warming Policy Foundation

Lembit Öpik

Lembit Öpik is Director of Communications & Public Affairs for the Motorcycle Action Group (MAG), the UK’s leading riders’ rights organisation. Born in Northern Ireland, Lembit has been riding motorbikes since 1980, and has campaigned on pro-biking matters since 1997. A dedicated libertarian, Lembit fiercely defends citizens’ freedom, including the right to ride motorbikes and scooters. He sees safety as a collective responsibility between road planners and riders, and is concerned about the reach of the state when this extends into choices which should be left in the hands of the rider and not in the hands of overbearing state regulations.

Howard Cox

Founder of the hugely successful public affairs campaign FairFuelUK working closely with TV Motoring Journalist and Broadcaster, Quentin Willson. This widely revered campaign has helped to save £100 billion for UK Businesses and Motorists in in Fuel Duty and VAT from 2011 - 2018. Extremely effective campaigner for businesses, organisations and charities. He is also a Political Lobbyist and SME business driver. Winner of the CIPR Public Affairs Award 2012.

Paul Biggs

Environment spokesman with a BSc.(Hons) in Biological Sciences, which included the biology of pollution and CO2. Formerly involved in cancer research.